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Ben varga equity research associate cowen new york city, new york

“The Society undoubtedly represents the pinnacle of my experience at UTSA. Being part of the organization not only allowed me to elevate my career prospects but also to make friends with likeminded, driven people that I am still in touch with on a regular basis. Most importantly, the hands on learning experience that I gained during Sector Wars helped me realize where my passion lies within the world of finance, and ultimately led me to the best job I could have wished for as a fresh college graduate.”


freddie bergener hedge fund credit risk analyst jp morgan new york city, new york

“Joining The Investment Society was probably the best decision that I made in my time at UTSA. The society provided a unique learning environment where I could develop practical skills and learn from my peers. In addition to learning, I made great friends and found a role model in Professor Sweet. The Investment Society is an organization that every student should give a try.”

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fernando garcia middle market investment banking analyst wells fargo houston, texas

“The Investment Society was the pinnacle of my college career. It fulfilled my desire to help and impact others, as well as, learn from the most driven students and passionate Professor. The society prepared me for who I am today while allowing me to work in the industry I always dreamed of.”