Students will be able to gain hands-on experience and market knowledge by participating in the following activities. 


General meetings

Meetings are held Monday nights at 8:45 p.m on the 2nd floor of the UTSA Business Building. Meeting structure will be as follows:

Outperforming moments

Students will have the chance to share any personal achievements to the group, whether it be getting a 100% on a test, or securing an internship.


President or Vice President present interesting information and techniques about the market.

Market outlook

Discuss recent market moves, including earnings updates, major price changes and interesting trading strategies.

Economic outlook

Present important domestic and foreign economic information, including FED updates, housing reports, employment numbers, and other important figures describing the current state of the economy.


Presents on a variety of topics and will keep a watch list of securities that society members will participate in creating. Topics could include personal finances, saving strategies, personal portfolio management

The Sweet spot

Professor Ronald Sweet inspires members to broaden their understanding via discussing a distinctive article or process.

Student-managed portfolio

Investment Society members have the opportunity to join a team of other motivated members in managing one of many sectors of a real money portfolio. This is portfolio management at its finest.

Sector meetings

Weekly sector meeting enable members time with Ron Sweet to discuss investment strategy. The senior analyst of the sector is responsible for conducting research with the junior analysts. Trade ideas are pitched and subsequently implemented into the portfolio.

Sector work flow

  1. Build screening model

  2. Conduct qualitative research

  3. Develop trading idea

  4. Pitch trade

  5. Implement trade into portfolio

Micro loans

The student managed portfolio enables members to gain real world experience while giving back.

Investing with a purpose

We provide funding to Indigenous Community Development International (ICDI), which uses the money to provide micro loans to a rural community in Costa Rica. The loans have been used to fund agricultural projects, transportation, and construction equipment, along with providing seed capital for a small business.

Investment Society members take an annual spring break trip to the community in Costa Rica. Members have the opportunity to witness the impact that the program provides, along with giving seminars on general business principles.

Student taught classes

Students are able to learn a variety of topics from their peers. All classes will be located in the Financial Studies Center (FSC) on the 1st floor of the UTSA Business Building

Fall 2019 classes & sectors schedule